ABRASIGAIA. - Import and Trade Abrasives, Ltd. was born in June of 2001. Till the end of 2011, we only traded abrasives. In 2012, we began the abrasives    convert process.

   We convert any type of flexible abrasive, aluminum oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide, ceramic abrasive and abrasive mesh. We produce belts of all measures,    including wide belts, rolls, sheets, laminated discs in paper, film and cloth backing.

   We commercialize non flexible abrasives, such as grinding and cutting discs, diamond discs, clean strip discs, flap wheels with hole and shaft in cloth, nom       woven and mix, flap discs, vitrified grinding wheels, tungsten cutters, brushes and soap for polishing, among others.
   Our operating markets are wood, footwear, automobile line, composites, metal, cutlery, glass / stone, construction and shipbuilding. We cover the entire             national territory.
   The products we convert and commercialize gives us the guarantee of a high level of quality.
   In 2011 we invested in the creation of a trademark - GREENFLEX - which has been progressively implemented in the national market.

  Become a national benchmark of excellence in terms of the process of conversion of flexible abrasives, through a continuous effort of anticipation,    development and relationship with the market.

  Develop, convert and commercialize with high levels of professionalism a wide range of abrasives solutions for different business sectors, exceeding    expectations of its customers and suppliers.

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